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4 Ways to Save Big on Travel

October 15, 2021 0


Everyone deserves to travel, even if it’s just once a year. Taking a vacation helps you to break away from your everyday routine, decompress, experience new sights and cuisine, regain a healthy perspective on life, and so many other things. The problem that many people encounter is that travel can be expensive. Here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to be!

By taking the time to plan ahead and incorporating some nifty strategies, you can save significantly on travel—both while you’re booking the trip and once you get to your destination. My Travel Blogging offers these four cost-cutting tips that will help you enjoy the trip of your life.

1.  Book for the low season.

Traveling during the high season has its benefits, but the cost is not one of them. You can save a ton of money simply by booking a trip for the low season. Flights, lodging, local attractions, and many other factors tend to be significantly less expensive. Plus, you have to deal with less traffic and fewer tourists, lines are shorter, and it’s easier to get reservations at restaurants and other business establishments.

If you’re looking for a middle ground between high and low season, consider traveling during shoulder season. For most places, shoulder season happens in fall or spring. Typically, it means the weather is nicer than in the low season, there are moderate crowds, and prices are still lower than in the high season.

2.  Fly on cheaper dates.

The dates and days you choose to fly will make a significant difference in what you pay. Booking flights for the low season or shoulder season is typically going to be less expensive than the high season. But there’s something else to think about: the days of the week you travel.

Most of the time, you will pay the highest prices for tickets when you depart on Friday and return on Sunday. In some instances, notes USA Today, you can save more than half by flying from Saturday to Tuesday/Wednesday. Be flexible with the dates and days you travel, and you can save a big chunk of money.

3.  Look to vacation rentals or other accommodations.

Hotels are still very popular. But vacation rentals have been steadily gaining traction over the last decade with the emergence of home-sharing marketplaces like Airbnb and Vrbo. Staying at a vacation rental has many benefits, according to TravelingMom. For one, it can be much cheaper than staying at a hotel. Also, you can choose from almost any size home or apartment, and you can even rent a single room of a home, which is a great way to go if you’re traveling solo. Moreover, you literally have a house, which means greater privacy, more space, and a full kitchen you can use to cook meals.

Consider investing in rental property to offset your own expenses. This is especially appealing if the property is located near a hot spot like the beach or other popular destination. Some property owners choose to set themselves up as a limited liability company (LLC) to protect themselves from potential litigation. Registering as an LLC is made easier by using an online service to file online. For example, check ZenBusiness reviews to see if they’re the company you want to try out.

4.  Join a rewards program.

If you still prefer staying in hotels, you can save some dough by joining a hotel rewards program. As can be expected, the more you stay at the same hotel, the more rewards you collect. Depending on the company you choose, you can get everything from free Wi-Fi to late checkouts to free stays.

Following the same logic, you can also join an airline rewards program, which allows you to earn free flights and other perks as you accumulate points.

Yes, you can take an amazing, budget-friendly trip with a little planning and strategizing. Remember to travel during low or shoulder season, and fly out during the week. Stay at vacation rentals and consider joining rewards programs and/or using rewards credit cards. You might be surprised by the quality of travel experience you can have while saving so much money!


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