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Travel to Cancun: The Ultimate All-Inclusive Vacation Destination

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Cancun is Mexico’s premier resort destination, far outshining the role that Acapulco had once played for North America’s top holiday vacation nation. If images of white sand beaches, clear blue water, jet skiing, scuba diving and lounging by the pool aren’t enough of a draw, add to that image sensational nightclubs with larger than life shows and a plethora of ancient Mayan ruins and you have a sense of what the Cancun experience is all about.

Jutting into the Caribbean Sea, Cancun rests at the very tip of the Yucatan Peninsula on land that was commonly used as refuge for seafaring pirates. The resort town was built in the mid 1970s in close proximity to, and in some cases on top of, prized ancient Mayan ruins. The main drag is a string of beautiful Art Deco and high-rise hotels followed by a series of nightclubs ranging from exclusively posh or fantasy-like industrial to warmer more intimate discotequas with their own local groovy flavor. Regular 24 hour taxi service to and from anywhere in town makes choosing your accommodations almost as simple as booking your flight on cFares!

Ruins, Not Ruined

Although simple mention of Cancun alone evokes thoughts of extravagant parties and spring break benders, make sure to take it easy enough so that you may enjoy a day trip to the surrounding Mayan ruins with a clear mind and an appreciative attitude. The most famous ruins are at Chichen Itza in the center of the peninsula. Inhabited from 445 BC to 1204 AD, then mysteriously abandoned, these ruins are centered about a pyramid with steps that culminate at giant serpent heads. Visit during either of the equinoxes and the shadows will appear as though a giant snake is descending the pyramid. Closer to Cancun, Tulum is also a popular Mayan destination that overlooks the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. The Temple of the Frescoes has an ornamentally painted interior and the Temple of the Descending God is adorned with remarkably intricate bas-relief carvings. There are at least ten other major archeological sites accessible from Cancun by tour operators, and a few recently discovered minor ruins in the hotels’ very own midst.

Cancun, and Then Some

If beach bumming, water sports and overall paradise make you a bit restless, there are more than enough excursions to engage in once you find yourself on the sandy white beaches of Cancun. On a daily basis, seasoned guides lead eager hikers into the jungle to discover where the wild things live. Also, horseback rides are available along the coast and up into the mainland. A short ferry or plane ride away is Cozumel, Mexico’s largest Caribbean island and one of the world’s hottest spots for scuba diving, not to mention you can find a few private companies who offer swimming with dolphins. If true escape is what you’re looking for, Isla de Mujeres is your answer. Fifteen minutes from Cancun by boat, this small tropical asylum is a peaceful retreat from resort life on the mainland. Cycling is very popular around the island, as well as snorkeling and chatting up the occasional pirate that passes through. Take a peek at the mysterious stone statuettes of semi-clothed women left by the Mayas.

Cancun is clearly an easy number one choice for any beach vacation. Families, singles, couples and teens should feel at ease and at home in this Yucatan dreamland that Mexico has made into an all-encompassing, all-inclusive care free environment with the vacationer’s desires right at their fingertips! Look no further for the perfect escape, because you’ve found it when you travel to Cancun.


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