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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Mexico

June 27, 2022 0


It’s hard to choose just one beach in Mexico as the most beautiful, given how stunning the country’s coastline is. But, if you had to pick just one, these would be the top contenders. From Baja California to Yucatan and Quintana Roo, Mexico has beaches of every color and size imaginable, with each region boasting its own special characteristics and draws. While it’s hard to pin down the prettiest beach in Mexico, here are some of our favorites that are sure to make your mouth water!…

Playa del Muerto

Known as Playa del Muerto, or Beach of Death, by locals, and Playa Balandra to American visitors who have begun to frequent its shores, is easily one of the most stunning beaches in all of Mexico. Located a short drive south of Manzanillo, you can choose from two ways to get there: by boat or kayak. At first glance from shore it looks like any other Mexican beach – calm water, white sand and gorgeous seashells – but as you begin to paddle through and spot cenotes amidst cliffs that hold cave paintings dating back more than 500 years ago, you’ll understand why people flock here year after year.


On Playa Balandra, Tulum is an ideal choice for travelers looking to get away from it all. You won’t find any bars or restaurants on these shores, but you will find stunning white sand and blue-green waters. Sunbathers will enjoy plenty of space to lie out during their vacations; at certain times of year you may be one of only a few sunbathers on the beach (especially if you go when cruise ships aren’t visiting). Fishing enthusiasts can try their luck by casting off into deep waters just offshore. While it’s typically possible to swim right off of Playa Balandra, snorkelers may want to head a bit further south where shallower waters let them explore underwater attractions more easily.

Puerto Morelos

Located in Quintana Roo, just 40 minutes from Cancun, Puerto Morelos is a beach town that boasts beautiful beaches and excellent diving. One of its most popular beaches is Balandra Beach. The quiet beach has translucent water and is surrounded by dense foliage and protected mangroves; it’s a great place to sit back, enjoy your surroundings, and take advantage of everything that Puerto Morelos has to offer. It’s no wonder why so many travelers are drawn to visit Puerto Morelos — which includes Balandra Beach — time after time! There’s much more than meets the eye on Balandra Beach: On either side of its calm waters are hidden little coves with some interesting rock formations.

El Pescadero

This picturesque beach located between Mazatlán and La Cruz is a favorite among Mexican and international travelers alike. Fishing, snorkeling, and exploring are some of the things visitors to El Pescadero can enjoy while visiting. The azure waters, pristine sandy shores, and quaint coastal setting make it one of more beautiful beaches in Mexico. Whether you’re planning an island getaway or weekend trip to a nearby town, you won’t want to miss adding El Pescadero to your itinerary!

Puerto Aventuras

Located just south of Cancun, Puerto Aventuras is a beach town that is fill with all sorts of tourist facilities and comforts. Make sure to visit Xpu Ha beach if you’re traveling with kids as it has a protected lagoon full of coral reefs for snorkeling. There are many bars and restaurants on site, and you’ll want to rent a golf cart or ATV to get around. Puerto Aventuras can be difficult to get to by public transportation. So renting your own ride might be your best bet if you don’t have any other means of transportation available. This beach destination gets quite busy because it’s centrally located between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, making it a popular stop along many tourists’ itineraries.


Beach without a doubt, Mazunte. Also known as an eco-friendly beach town, Mazunte is a pretty and quiet destination for those looking to relax. Have fun and enjoy some time in nature. It’s not a big tourist destination so it’s easy to escape crowds of people if you’re looking for solitude. The water is warm year round because of its Caribbean coastline and white sand beaches; there are also stunning rocky cliffs and beautiful views that offer great photo opportunities at every turn. While Mazunte is surround by many other villages. Like Zipolite and San Agustinillo which are both great places to visit as well. It remains off the beaten path of tourists who want to avoid popular resort destinations all together.

Puerto Escondido

This beach town is located on a small peninsula by Oaxaca, about 13 miles from the Pacific Ocean. There are plenty of waves for surfing, and more than 10 miles of sand to explore. The waters here are both crystal clear and warm, making it a great spot for snorkeling, swimming and diving. Puerto Escondido is also know for its nightlife: It has more bars per capita than any other place in Mexico. There are many local restaurants where you can sample shrimp tacos or fresh mahi-mahi at great prices.


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