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How To Get In On The Adventure Ground Floor

November 30, 2020 0


You wake up one day, and the job market has changed – again. Now, not only is adventure a hobby that mankind has pursued with great vigor since antiquity, but now
it’s become a career.

Yes, many people are now “adventure consultants.” A naturally curious person would by all means want to know just what this kind of new “job description” entails.

The truth is, thousands of young people have given up hope. Outside education, training and employment, they see no future for themselves. A handful of new college programs across the United States are now offering degrees in “Adventure Consulting.”

Using a very unique combination of challenging activities and long-term personal support, these coursesgive young people the skills they will need to enjoy a future of choice and opportunity in the “adventure business.”

For example, one could apply as a ski resort manager. Usually, these openings are available at upscale hotels with high-quality childcare and excellent service. The ski resort manager manages the day-to-day running of the resort to ensure that it maintains the high standard of customer service. The adventure consultant, or ski resort manager, would be expected to meet or exceed client expectations.

These specially educated individuals are sometimes referred to as customer service representatives and are responsible for making sure all clientele are having their best holiday ever. This is not a job that stops when the sun goes down.

Adventure Consultants will organize events and plan trips and resort activities, as well as perform airport duties and transfers.

Similar to this position is another title, the Adventure Coordinator. They ensure that guests enjoy a wide variety of recreation activities, including alpine ski and snowboard touring, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling are also available at these types of resorts. An individual must be a slightly aggressive, energetic professional, as they will serve as the first person to greet guests when they phone, fax, or send e-mail inquiries.

As such, this role is one of the most important at the adventure resort. Friendly, genuine and caring attitides turn enquiring people into life customers.

Here are a few other valuable characteristics an adventure coordinator or resort customer service representative must possess:

He or she must warmly meet and greet the guests upon their arrival, providing and explaining maps, offering weather information, and generally building the anticipation of the adventure. They are also expected to keep in contact with guests after their stay, mailing thank-you letters and surveys, and they should also maintain a client database and work to increase repeat business.

In short, the adventure coordinator is responsible for ensuring that every detail of the guest’s vacation is supremely organized, and that they leave with warm memories that will either entice them to return or reccommend the resort to their friends.

Adventure is no longer just a state of mind or a pursuit. In the 21st Century, quality of service is of utmost importance, hence the need for resort “adventure coordinators.” For the outdoorsy type, this is truly a new frontier and an excellent job “fit” that willnbenefit both the adventure consultant and the resort, cruise line, or privately owned spa. It’s all about catering to the needs of those who can afford to pay for these kinds of services, and in today’s market place, there’s certainly no shortage of those key individuals and their families.


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