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Alpine Adventure Tours for Cyclists and Skiers

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Tours, for adventure-spirited individuals, are not fun if without a touch of excitement and thrill. Simple tours that are not enough to keep thrill-seekers entertained, which is why there are specialized tours for them. These tours are organized by adventurous individuals, who share the same passions like you do. Together, they explore places and have fun that no ordinary tourists would comprehend or experience. Their points of view of fun-filled dream vacations, maybe different from what is normal, but I know that the experience every adventure tours they savor is not only satisfying but also fulfilling. Alpine Adventure Tours has the kind of tours that cyclist and ski-fanatics would absolutely want to be part of.

Alpine Adventure Tours (ATT) is a travel company that offers exhilarating dream vacations for cyclists and skiers like cycling and cross-country ski tours in Europe. Alpine Adventure Tours is owned by an adventurer himself, Noel Charomat, who has been organizing and leading tours throughout Europe and North America ever since 1983. For more information about this Alpine Adventure Tours, you may contact them at PO Box 119 Norden, CA 95724 USA, at telephone # 530-426-3816, or send them an email at

Alpine Adventure Tours has been organizing tours in Europe for 20 years, manages their own tours, and does not subcontract to any operation or organization. Their job is to enhance the wonderful experience that cycling and skiing give by providing well designed routes and excellent selections of ski venue with itineraries which are planned for extraordinary activities and relaxation. They provide the essential planning and support infrastructure while giving their participants the freedom to set their own pace and select from a wide variety of daily options.

ATT cycling tours are designed for experienced cyclists who have the capability to cover 50-70 miles per day. Although speed is not an issue, but the typical average pace on longer local rides (USA) is at 15-18 mph. Usually, their participants like to do longer rides, like that of an organized rides, club events, or on their own, for example; half, metric, and full centuries. In addition, their participants like hills, rolling terrain, the challenge of a climb and the fun descents. ATT tours are not for mountain bikes, which is why most of their participants owned lightweight road bikes.

On the other hand, the skiing tours that Alpine Adventure Tours organize are cross-country ski tours on groomed tracks. Most people like to do both skating and striding, but one or both would depend on the weather and snow condition, for that reason, ATT recommends to bring skis for both skating and striding. For this kind of tour is for skiers who have exceptional skills are far as skiing is concerned and not for basic beginners.

Alpine Adventure Tours offers their participants an experience of an adventure dream vacation you always wish to have; from the cycling tours in Italy and France, to the cross- country ski tours in Norway. For your fun-filled and trill-quenching quest for real adventure of a lifetime, Alpine Adventure Tours is the company you should be touring with.


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